Ascendant Consortium

The Ascendant Consortium, spearheaded by David A. Fields, acts as an complement and extension to the Summit Global Network.

Our promise is simple: Higher ROI and Lower Risk on every consulting project, regardless of area of focus and regardless of what consulting company you use.

When Should You Call the Ascendant Consortium?

In either of these situations:

  • When the area of expertise you are looking for is not found in one of the members of the Summit Global Network. Ascendant adds another thirty firms to the network, all of which are best-in-class or breakthrough thinkers in their area of expertise

  • Before you start work on a large consulting project with a consulting company outside the Summit Global Network. Our processes for increasing ROI and lowering risk on consulting projects will make you and your consultants heroes.

Why Should You Call the Ascendant Consortium?

  • Eliminate projects which generate low returns.
  • Get the most value from every consultant every time.
  • Lower outcome risks and cost risks.
  • Make change stick after the consultant leaves.
  • Find breakthrough thinkers who will exceed objectives.
  • Lock in success using sophisticated pricing structures.
  • Eliminate resentment, stonewalling and sabotage by employees.
  • Build better projects before an outsider is ever contacted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our model is unique and executives typically have a number of questions. Here are the most common ones along with brief answers. More detailed answers are available at Frequntly Asked Questions

What areas do your members specialize in beyond what the Summit Global Network already has?

You name it, we probably have the best thinkers in the US or the world in that area.

How do we know your consultants are good? Don’t they just pay to be part of the Ascendant Consortium?

No one pays to join. We accept less than 1% of those who apply.

Why don’t we just find the best independent professionals ourselves?

Why would you? We already have.

Isn’t the Ascendant Consortium just a middle-man, which increases the fees?


If we have already chosen a consultant, shouldn’t they do (or be able to do) what you do?

Your consultant is an expert at what they do – leadership, strategy, operations, cost reduction or whatever their specialty is. Believe it or not, they are not experts in consulting contracts and projects. We are. We can help you and them put together a contract and project which will make both sides more successful.

If we have a consultant, isn’t working with you just hiring a consultant to manage the consultant?

No. Managing the consultant is your job. Managing the project is your job and/or the consultant’s responsibility. We will help you get a higher ROI/lower risk project from the start and put mechanisms in place to help you and the consultant keep the project on track.

Who works with you?

Fortune 500, mid-size and small companies

How long have you been in business?

Since 2005. All consultants have 10+ years’ experience

Who is David A. Fields?

Author, speaker and consultant David A. Fields has presented to executives from all over the world who are seeking better results, lower risk, quicker action and easier implementation when turning to outside help on business issues. Fields’ command of best-practice consulting is phenomenal and he is a member of the Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame.


Fields has been in the consulting profession for 15 years, on top of a decade spent in leadership roles across brand management, sales, and market research (primarily at pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline). In 2005, after eight years climbing the consulting ranks and becoming a partner with a prestigious consulting firm in Connecticut, Fields formed his own group, Ascendant Consulting, LLC to design and implement corporate growth strategies. There he attracted clients such as Abbott Laboratories, International Paper, Whirlpool, Valvoline, Warner Home Video, Lexmark, and Domino’s Pizza and many others.


In 2008 Fields implemented a unique approach in which he acts as both a client and consultant on the same project. The firm he built on this concept now includes over 150 professionals across 30 elite consultancies whose clients are a who’s who of the global business world. The majority of Fortune 500 companies have contracted one or more of Fields’ consultants.


Fields is also a frequent contributor to national business media and his commentary and strategic insights have appeared in USA Today, CNN Money, Investor’s Business Daily, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Advertising Age, BusinessWeek, SmartMoney, and dozens of other publications. He holds an M.S. in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and a B.S. in Management, also from Carnegie Mellon.