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We work with outstanding leaders to create dramatic new futures for people and organizations!

For over 25 years, Aviv Shahar has specialized in helping executives and managers develop and realize their vision and purpose. Clients that rave about Aviv most often are executives deeply committed to transforming their business and developing their people, particularly their brightest and most capable managers.

Mr. Shahar, known to many of his clients as The Collaboration and Innovation Catalyst, is a recognized expert in organizational transformation, strategy and leadership. Aviv helps leadership teams cultivate innovation, improve collaboration, and develop radical trust and peak performance. His experience in coaching for high-performance in critical operations began as a fighter pilot responsible for training other fighter pilots in the Israeli Air Force.

Aviv Consulting is the preferred provider for both private and public companies passionate about creating transformational breakthroughs that deliver value to all stakeholders. Aviv’s clients include leaders from Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, Alcoa, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Xerox, Emeritus Assisted Living, Honeywell, Cisco Systems, Frito-Lay Inc., Kellogg’s, WebEx Communications, Berkeley National Labs, Potlatch Corporation, Marvell, The Rockefeller University, the US Department of Interior and the US Department of Defense.

Clients return to Aviv Consulting again and again because collaboration with Aviv creates profound results and helps them:

  • Develop creative solutions to complex problems
  • Increase revenue by millions of dollars
  • Unearth hidden ideas and reduce waste
  • Accelerate growth and stretch teams to new levels
  • Improve dramatically personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Build breakthrough collaboration and trust
  • Unleash new energy and create happier and healthier teams

Aviv’s articles have been published by the Pfeiffer Annuals, The AMA Best of the Best, T+D, and The Futurist. Aviv created the “Blue Belt” top-talent development programs and the acclaimed “Emerald Keys to Success.” Aviv is a Member of The Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame.

Aviv consulting’s services are adaptive and versatile. We work with you to understand your situation, your strengths, and your vision of where you want to go. If Aviv Consulting is a good fit for you, Aviv will bring breakthrough value to your organization with his relentless focus on your growth. The result is a collaborative roadmap to help you unlock the power of your team, achieve your goals, and realize your objectives.

The first breakthrough in leadership is inside you, in your capacity to reframe your situation, create opportunities and lead from strength. Coaching and consulting with you throughout this developmental journey is Aviv’s mastery, and helping you achieve your desired results is his life’s work.

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