Enriching Leadership International

The Enriching Leadership Model


Set the course for growth.

  • Assess opportunities in the market and within your organization.
  • Identify vision for organization with CEO and board.
  • Help Set strategic objectives to realize vision with senior staff.
  • Create concrete action plans with management team.
  • Engage at all levels for accountability in implementation.
  • Make course corrections for greater effectiveness as needed.


Grow the team to deliver on the vision.

  • Cultural agility and employee satisfaction audits.
  • Evaluate to identify emerging leaders and bench composition. Succession planning.
  • Develop organizational culture and team skills to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Integrate strategy and implementation across functions and business units to eliminate silo thinking.
  • Increase cultural agility to attract and maximize employee, customer and vendor relationships.


Fast, profitable growth.

  • Maximize potential in international acquisitions.
  • Increase the speed and likelihood of success for turnaround situations.
  • Enhance both profitability and growth.
  • Grow the organization’s capacity to take on the next challenges with success.