Opus Performance

Business is about relationships – both within the organisation and between the organisation and its customers. Opus Performance is a consulting firm that specialises in dramatically improving the quality of business relationships. This will benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Dramatically improved performance from your leaders and teams.
  • More customers for your service or product.
  • Retention of your top talent
  • A more amiable atmosphere at work leading to less stress (and less stress related sick time).

How do we do this?

The Director of Opus Performance is Dr Mike Drayton. As well as being an expert in organisational development and executive coaching, Mike is a qualified and experienced clinical psychologist. His consulting and coaching is based upon sound psychological and behavioural science – not the latest management fad. That’s why he gets exceptional results. Mike uses his background in psychology to improve the future of your business.

Our services:


We are experts in human and organisational systems. When you engage Opus Performance we talk to you and your staff, we get to know you and your business. We look beneath the surface, to understand what is really going on in a situation, rather than what people may assume is going on. This isn’t just another business methodology, it’s simply what psychologists do best. Our ideal clients are imaginative, creative and energetic leaders in FTSE 350 companies, SMEs, professional firms and the public sector.


Mike specialises in coaching leaders of FTSE 350 companies and large professional service firms. Mike will talk to you and really get to know the issues you are struggling with. His background in psychology helps Mike to understand what has made you the person you are, and the person that you have the  potential to become. Mike is  interested in what drives you, what inspires you, what derails you, when you face challenges, how you deal with adversity. For Mike, these are the critical factors in improving  leadership effectiveness and potential. Mike also specialises in top level recruitment and vetting (getting the right person for the right job), management development and succession planning.

The future success and growth of any business relies on the people you choose to develop for leadership roles.   They maybe great at there present job, but lack the necessary human skills or confidence to lead.  These skills can be assessed and developed through our leadership coaching programme.  Great leaders are not born, they are made.


Mike Drayton is a devastatingly well-informed and entertaining public speaker. His professional speaking career has taken him to Las Vegas as well as numerous European cities. Mike recently addressed an audience of over 800 people on board the luxury cruise liner Queen Victoria, talking on ‘The Clinton Effect, how to build your personal charisma.’ Mike is a frequent contributer to television programmes (once acting as a consultant for the BBCs flagship science programme, Horizon), radio shows and the press.

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