Roundtable Consulting

Jennifer Smokevitch brings to the table more than two decades experience working with executives and entrepreneurs to create and achieve dramatic goals for themselves and their organisations.

Her consulting, coaching and research spans five continents, giving her a unique global perspective that she shares with her clients. Regarded as a perceptive facilitator, Jennifer is known to many of her clients as the Practical Strategist and enjoys helping them to creatively chart new territory for the future without losing sight of the practical realities of today.

Jennifer’s clients include leaders from Qantas, Unisys, New Zealand Telecom, Johnson & Johnson, BT Financial Group, PeopleSoft, HCF, Jones Lang LaSalle, Business Objects, Liberty Life, the American Management Association and ABN-Amro Bank, to name but a few.

Clients that have worked with Jennifer have achieved results such as:

  • Develop a compelling vision and direction that is embraced by your team and organisation
  • Articulate your marketing strategy and ensure the value you deliver will exceed your customers’ expectations
  • Translate your strategy into practical actions, aligning your people’s efforts so they understand how they contribute and are fully engaged in their work
  • Create client relationships that are stronger, more enduring and profitable
  • Become a powerful leadership team, working together collaboratively

As the research partner for the Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association, Jennifer conducted ground-breaking research on the role and value of marketing and business development in professional services organizations. Insights gleaned from her research over the years enables her to take an evidence-based approach to assisting her clients.

Jennifer is a skilled Balanced Scorecard practitioner and one of the few consultants in Asia-Pacific to have worked with David Norton, co-creator of the method. She also frequently presents at leadership seminars to the CEO Institute of Australia and at industry conferences.

Her articles and work have been featured in the Australian Financial Review, the Law Society Journal, Professional Services Firms Journal.

Making Sydney her home since 1999 with her husband, son and dog Max, Jennifer is gradually working her way through the natural wonders of Australia.

Contact Information:
Phone: +61-411-279-972