Visionary Leadership

Seth has worked with over 25 executives including Jim Wolfensohn while president of the World Bank, Gaddi Vasquez while director of the Peace Corps, US Representative Christopher Shays, and Jack Lewin while CEO of the American College of Cardiology. He ran the lead on a $20 million initiative with Royal Dutch Shell, and executed a sales force improvement program for the top producers at Prudential Retirement, representing well over $5 billion in annual sales.

Seth is the author of the besteller, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out. He is a regular contributor to Fast Co and has written extensively for the Washington Post and American Express. He speaks to 30-40 audiences per year reaching over 25,000 executives annually. His clients include over 60 well known organizations in all sectors including the intelligence community, academic research firms, aerospace, defense, trade associations, and professional societies.

Seth currently focuses his time on helping leaders leverage near term business trends to transform their organization’s performance and achieve significant business growth. He does this through his unique process of stakeholder engagement and strategy development followed by a focus on powerful, unabated execution. His unique capacity to involve executives and target the highest value points of leverage have won him high regard. He was designated Visionary by the Center for Association Leadership and Thought-leader and Exemplar in Change Leadership by the Society for Advancement of Consulting®.

On his website,, there are over 400 of his publications available for free download.