The All Access Group

Kelli Richards is a true trailblazer in the digital music and media arenas with more than twenty years of senior-level experience. With a unique talent for connecting innovators in technology with creative leaders in entertainment, Kelli guides her clients to create big visions, make big connections and achieve big results.

A highly sought-after consultant, mentor, speaker, producer, coach and author, Kelli is the CEO of The All Access Group. She and her team facilitate strategic business opportunities in digital distribution between technology companies, established artists and celebrities, film studios, record labels, and consumer brand companies in order to foster new revenue streams and deliver compelling consumer experiences.

Clients of The All Access Group range from funded start-ups to Fortune 100 companies dedicated to creating innovative consumerfacing technologies in digital music and entertainment. They have included a wide range of tech companies, musicians and celebrities, premium content owners and distributors, and celebrity event organizers.

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