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Professional Services – Network shares its know-how – by Mark Fenton-Jones The Australian Financial Review (Friday 2 December 2011): An international virtual community of small consulting firms has formed a network to share their expertise and win business. The Summit Global Network is the latest venture from US-based author, speaker and consultant Alan Weiss, who has been advising organisations how to improve productivity and performance since 1983 through his Summit Consulting Group.   Mr Weiss wrote the first of his 40 books, best-seller Million Dollar Consulting, in 1992. He conducts workshops, seminars and mentoring with small professional services firms to help boost their revenue and improve profit margins.  The idea to form a global consortium of non-competing firms that would help each other with references, referrals, opportunities, best practices, non-proprietary methodologies and credibility worldwide, emerged from a program in London.  MI asked everyone present what they thought, and to a person they were highly supportive,” he said.  The Summit Global Network was launched in August. Most members are based in North America — 10 in the US and four in Canada. The UK and Australia have three charter members each, while China and Ireland have one each.  “We won’t add any more firms till 2012,” Mr Weiss told The Australian Financial Review. “We want to take a breath. I’ve found that if you grow too quickly you get into trouble.”download PDF (2.17 MB)

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