Summit Global Network®

Why It Helps You To Excel In Your Market

We are a network of top global boutique consulting and advisory firms. Our members are carefully vetted, we do not accept competing firms in any specific area of expertise, and membership is granted only after careful criteria have been met and existing members become familiar with the quality of the candidate firm’s work and client base.

We share resources, best practices, personnel, and expertise. It’s not unusual for a firm in Australia to provide expertise to a firm in Canada, or one in Maine to one in the United Kingdom. Our current membership resides in 7 countries and four continents. The combined intellectual property of the member firms comprises over 70 commercially published books, a thousand published articles, and thousands of audio, video, and public speaking appearances.

When you choose to business with one of our members—a local transaction that is strictly between you and that organization—the resources of the entire network may be accessed by your local consulting or advisory partner. This is a boon to international companies which can deal with one primary contact but know there is access amongst its locations, but also for firms which seek to be world class in their practices and results.

The Summit Global Network was formed by Alan Weiss, PhD, CEO of Summit Consulting Group, Inc. and an acknowledged global expert on productivity and performance. Summit’s clients have included Mercedes, Toyota, Citibank, Merck, Hewlett-Packard, The Federal Reserve Bank, Singapore Straits Times, New York Times, and hundreds of other international organizations.

Members firms hold an annual management conference to which their customers and clients are cordially invited, and also bestow a variety of awards for business and management excellence in the for-profit and non-profit fields.

In brief, a member firm of the Summit Global Network is a pre-eminent source of expertise in its field, and has access to the brightest and most highly regarded talent in the world.

If you wish to investigate a member firm, you can click on it’s link here, or write or call Alan Weiss directly:

800/766-7935 (401/884-2778)
Fax: 401/884-5068